SEIMOYED isn’t just a coin; it’s a celebration of innovation, camaraderie, and the spirited joy that unites us all in the crypto space.

Here, you’ll discover more than just transactions and charts; you’ll find a family of enthusiasts, dreamers, and pioneers, all united by the charm and charisma of our beloved Samoyed-inspired token. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto guru or just starting, SEIMOYED is the perfect place to unleash your potential, learn, and grow.

Explore our site to learn more about our mission, roadmap, and how you can be a part of this exhilarating journey. Let’s make a paw-sitive impact together!


About Us

Welcome to SEIMOYED, a token that blossomed organically and continues to grow with the same genuine spirit. As an enthusiastic developer on SEI –fast chain, gud chain – I am dedicated to learning from and listening to our community. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in shaping SEIMOYED and will continue to be instrumental

Every blockchain ecosystem deserves a trustworthy and wholesome dog coin, and SEIMOYED is here to fulfill that role for SEI. Our commitment goes beyond creating just another meme token; we’re here to establish a symbol of reliability and community spirit. As SEI matures, we invite you to step away from the rugs and PnDs and join a project built on trust and transparency.

In the heart of SEIMOYED lies a vision of long-term growth and positive contribution. 

Become part of the SEIMOYED journey – a journey where every voice matters, and every step forward is a step toward a more secure and engaging crypto experience. Join us, and let’s make a paw-sitive mark on the future of SEI together!

Road Map

Plans for the future!

SEIMOYED Tokenomics

Total Supply is 1,010,000,000 tokens.

LP Burn

92% of the token supply was placed in liquidity pool and the contract was sent to a dead address. More details on the transaction can be found here:

liquidity burn

Ownership Renouncement

Ownership rights over the SEIMOYED contract was renounced and can be found here:



How to Buy

Alternatively you can purchases Sei on an CEX that offers swapping and sending Sei. Get Sei and then send to your sei wallet address.

Create a Wallet

Make Leap or Compass Wallet online then change network on wallet to sei so you can deposit sei into wallet

Get Some SEI

Swap your preferred token for example exchange SOL for SEI on

Go to Coinhall

Connect wallet to coinhall and swap for SEIMOYED





Crypto Address

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